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The author conducted secondary research of academic and trusted source literature in order to identify quantitative data from larger studies, and gain insights from relevant experts.

The subjects researched covered 6 main areas for the following rationale:

  • Innovation Anthropology

An introduction to the types of innovation and their links to business opportunities and growth.

  • Entrepreneurialism

The role of the entrepreneurial mindset in creating new business opportunities.

  • Perceived Organisational Support and Emotional Intelligence

The factors that organisations should consider to support an innovative mindset in stakeholders.

  • Radical Innovation and Disruptive Technologies with Identity

An evaluation of higher risk innovation and how emerging technologies can support such ventures.

  • Innovation Brokerage and Hybrid Theory

Capturing learning from innovation ventures and transferring back into a business.



Ian Dorr

I call myself an Innovation and Transformation Coach, someone who is driven to make a difference, helping people realise their goals.